User stories

John Roberston from Edinburgh has his SonataPlus (the UK version of Webbox2) for more than a year.
During a telephone conversation with the supplier British Wirless for the Blind Fund in the U.K. he had the following to say:

John said “It is fantastic, I couldn’t do without it. You have done me proud. I have had other radios from BWBF in the past, and this is the best set I have had, without it I would be lost”.  

John no longer has any sight and operates the Sonata Plus set using the remote control completely by touch. He says that he listens to a lot of radio stations from all round the world, and in particular from America, Canada and Australia. He also listens to a lot of podcasts, his interests ranging from aviation to astronomy, politics, music and travel. He also likes jazz, and country and western music so enjoys having many radio stations to choose from. He also uses the audio library to listen to talking books and says the USB memory stick facility is fantastic as he can get his wife to download programmes he wants to listen to from the BBC and then listen to them when he wants. Altogether he says the Sonata Plus set is the best thing since sliced bread. 

 How I spoilt myself with the purchase of a Webbox!
Veroniqe Van Velzen (1971) from Arnhem (the Netherlands) has been the proud owner of a Webbox for the past 18 months. Here is her story in her own words: "The Webbox is a Dutch invention and I had heard of it quite often via the media. But somehow I had formed a contorted picture of what this unit could do and if it could do anything it was only for senior citizens who couldn't work on a computer and had no knowledge of braille. As I have a PC with a screen reader and an iPhone, and as far as I'm concerned FAR TOO YOUNG and a fervent reader of braille, this picture remained (I regret to admit) in my brain for a very long time!
At a recent exhibition I boldly stepped onto the Solutions Radio stand and finally submitted to allowing someone to demonstrate the Webbox to me. I was flabbergasted. What drew in me particular was how easy it was to use. So why shouldn't I spoil myself? After sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours at work, why shouldn't I be allowed to escape the computer? With one press of a button on the Webbox itself or with the remote control I am able to access so much information from my lazy chair in the garden, from my couch in the living room or in bed at a night. So handy and easier to operate than my pc!
For the first time in my life I have the feeling that I can find my own way through a virtual library. With a bit of luck I can hear the write-up of a book and a minute later place the book on my virtual bookshelf. And if after all I don't like it, I remove it within seconds.

Normally I like to listen to three radio programs simultaneously. Unbelievable how easily you can zap between the hundreeds of radio stations on the Webbox. And you always know what you're listening to as the station's name is announced. Certainly not a feature any other internet radio has. If RDS has been included then I can even find out the name of the singer and title of the number. Thanks to the enormous database of radio stations I have added urls I am interested in from local radio stations in Quebec, Canada, where some of my family reside.
And if I don't want to go global I insert an SD card or USB stick with my own private collection of music and dream away. What a pity that I was so prejudiced before. I can't do without my Webbox now."
(translated form Dutch) 

 Undescribable how easy it is to use the Webbox!
My name is Dominieke Bos and I hail from Heemstede (the Netherlands). I was born with a serious visual handicap. At school I had numerous visual aids, but at home my parents were of the opinion that I should lead, what they felt was, a normal life. So at home I was not allowed to make use of any visual aids at all. And so up to a few years ago I wrestled with large type books and following a series or film  on TV was absolute torture.

I am married now and every evening before watching TV I would have to ask my husband to tell me the gist of a movie we were going to watch together otherwise it was a disaster for both him and me.
A few years ago I googled "sub-titling" and lo and behold I found a link to the Webbox2. Fanatastic! A device that could read out sub-titles. (This is only of importance in countries where series or films are not dubbed - note from editor). I didn't know this even existed.
Evenings are so cosy now with my husband and I both watching tv. But  that's not all the Webbox does, it does so much more. Besides talking books I can also access various internetpages of news websites and local newspapers. So much current information at my disposal.
The Webbox2 is so easy to operate. I cannot describe how easy it is to use this fantastic piece of modern technolgy.