What is Webbox3?

An innovative aid for those with a visual or reading impairment to access audio information and entertainment. It is a device which allows you to easily access content available on the internet without even touching a pc!

The content available using the internet varies from spoken books, magazines and newspapers to newsletters, radios stations, podcasts, website pages and so much more!

Current news is available with one touch of a button. Indeed information on demand!
Webbox3 is the most advanced multi-media player developed with the visually impaired in mind

New in Webbox3

  • Sleek new design 
  • Powerful battery, operation approx. 10 hours 
  • Larger tactile buttons 
  • White on black display 
  • Internal USB for 4G connection
  • Internal micro-SD storage 
  • USB-, SD- and headphones connections on left side of unit  

Features of webbox3

  • Offers current, varied and extensive information in spoken form  
  • Very easy to operate: only 5 push buttons and one dial  
  • Includes remote control for all functions  
  • On-line DAISY player  
  • Wireless internet on-board  
  • Digital radio receiver 
  • On demand IP audio player  
  • Speed and pitch are adjustable  
  • Advanced navigation  
  • Speech synthesis to play text based content  
  • Sleep-timer  
    Built-in spoken user guide  
  • Plays out from SD card or USB stick
  • Download station for portable players (Milestone, Victor Reader Stream, Plextalk Linio Pocket and Booksense)